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In 1801, Jason Fairbanks was hung in Dedham, Ma for the murder of Elizabeth Fales. This story has never been adapted for television or the big screen, but I would love to change that. So far, we have had a great episode of Horrifying History do a podcast on the story of Jason which you can listen to right here.  If you would like to be involved on this project please Email me and read up on the story here.


The Fairbanks House

The Fairbanks House is North America's Oldest Timberframed House. I am a 10th generation decedent of Johnathan and Grace Fairbank who built the house in 1637.  I have been on the board since 2011 and held multiple positions including VP. For more information on The Fairbanks House, check out our Facebook or Website!

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IDEATREK is start up incubator of which I am a founding member. IDEATREK also boasts its own crypto currency Hoove. Check us out and see what we can help you with...

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